Three men sitting together talking at a park with trees lining the background
“I like my apartment because it has a lot of flight. I can walk to shopping and restaurants. My Service Coordinator helps me with my paperwork.”
– Jack D.Decorative divider“It’s convenient to live here: the mailboxes, laundry and trash chute are all inside the building. It’s close to stores and restaurants. I like that this building is a historic building built in the 1920’s. I like everything about my apartment. I have friends here and have made friendships over the years.”
– Stan P.Decorative divider

“I like living here because I have privacy. The doors are locked at night and I feel safe. There are activities I like, especially Bingo. I like the majority of the people who live here. I can afford to live here on my income. I have friends here and especially one friend I can talk with about everything.”
– Roberta R.

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“I like the layout of my apartment. I like the fact that we get our mail inside and the laundry is inside the building. I like that we have a Social Service Coordinator to help us and we have a maintenance person on staff.”
– Norma B.